Monday, 15 July 2013

Psalm 139

Hello to all my Russian viewers!!!  Apparently there are a lot of you out there! Whether you're just stumbling across the "plog" accidentally, or are coming to listen to new music, feel free drop a message in the comments below.  And that goes for all of you listeners out there.  I'd love to hear how you got here, or how you're finding 'the spontaneous sessions' so far!

I'm happy to say that things are chugging along nicely here... lots of "le tour de france" viewing mingled with lots of new songwriting.  In addition, I'm gearing up for a solo gig at The Entrance this Saturday night!!   It's a great night out, so if you live in Melb, come along!.  Also, Lion & I are getting ready for the release of our new album!!  (You can hear and/or purchase last years offering here!)  It's all very exciting!

And don't forget, you can download and share most of the songs from the spontaneous sessions for free.... including this weeks session - Psalm 139.

Psalm 139

Psalm 139 is one of my favourit-ist Psalms... I remember discovering it one night during my university years.  I had just bought a new NIV bible, and had taken it with me to Kmart to read during my tea break.  I came across Psalm 139 and was just transfixed.  "What an awesome Psalm," I thought, and proceeded to write one of my first songs "When I Awake" based on the text.

Well, the love affair with Psalm 139 continues!  I'm not sure exactly what it is about it that touches me so much... but it just speaks the most assuring truths about how much God loves us.  I can be so up and down sometimes.  So high on life, then the next minute, down in the doldrums over something that's happened.  I get the feeling King David might have been a bit the same!!  But God's not like that.  Whether we're good or bad, or happy or sad, or winning or losing: God's the same.  Constant. Aware of every hair on your head.  All knowing.  He doesn't change.  He doesn't have bad days.  And He loves perfectly.  He thought about me and knew me before I was even formed - he literally dreamed me into being!!!  It's just overwhelming.  As David says in the Psalm:
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,    too lofty for me to attain.
I hope you enjoy this reflection on Psalm 139!


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