Monday, 5 August 2013

Behold The One

A bit late with this post, sorry!!  But we've been working on the new Lion & I album!  Due for a release sometime around September 2013, it's gonna be awesome!

Many of the tracks on the new album will be familiar to you if you've been following this plog - because many of the songs are reworkings and new versions of the songs that have been featured right here!

You might remember a song called "Worth it All" from an earlier post in March.  Well the song featured this week "Behold the One" is a reworking of that song!  Featuring James the Justified (the other half of Lion & I) and a whole new arrangement, we hope this song blesses you and gives you a taste for what the new Lion & I album will be like!.

(please note, while this song is available for listen, it's not yet available for download.  But we promise it won't be long til you can get your very own copy!)

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