Friday, 11 October 2013

His Gaze

This weeks spontaneous song is "a cappella" just for a change.  "A cappella" literally translated means "in the style of the church/chapel".  How very apt!  But in reality, it just means I didn't use any accompanying instruments (well, sorta.  Except for a drum beat!).  This was super fun to do and i hope you like the outcome as much as i do.  Don't forget that this tune is free to download - so if you like it, share it around!

About "His Gaze"

Based around some verses from Song of Solomon, this song is a meditation on understanding that Jesus is truly moved by His love for us.  It's not just a duty to Him.  He truly loves.
I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.  Song 7:10
The word translated as "desire" here is actually a word meaning "to move or impel".  As the "pulpit commentary" puts it: "The thought seems to be this - As my beloved is full of worshipping affection, and I am wholly his, let his love have free course..."  Amen.

When this becomes our reality, suddenly everything else just falls by the wayside.  And then we can say nothing else matters...  Everything is gonna be fine!

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