Friday, 19 April 2013

River Rushing Down

An entire week in bed.  I think i managed to be out of my PJs for a total of 10 hours in the last 7 days...  Needless to say, I wasn't up to any recording!  Luckily, I did some extra recording a few weeks ago... so here's something different for you.  This week, I'm sharing one of my worship songs "River Rushing Down".  We sing it quite often at our church Hope of Glory - Prahran Christian Church, and it never fails to take us somewhere special!  

Chord Charts

Ooooh exciting!!  I've added another feature to the plog! It's a page that makes available the chord charts for any of the pre-written songs that I share here.  I've just posted the lyrics/chords to "River Rushing Down", so if it takes your fancy, you can print it out and use it in your own worship time, or even at your church.

About 'River Rushing Down'

The chorus of "River Rushing Down" was born from a time of corporate spontaneous worship, where the spirit was moving in wonderful ways!  It's a song of declaration, but also a song of adoration.  A song that proclaimed just what the Spirit was pouring out in our church.  This rendition is a lot slower and more gentle than our usual rockin' Sunday morning version, but I've found it very soothing laying in bed and letting it wash over me today. I hope you'll enjoy it too!


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