Sunday, 2 June 2013

Send Your Glory

It's been such an action-packed time that I've only just managed to sit down this afternoon and record this weeks last weeks song!!  Whoops!  As usual, it's available for free download - so why not bless a friend and send them the link!!  In addition, there's a chart available on the "chord charts" page.  We use this song in worship at our church Hope of Glory, so please feel free to use it in your worship time too.

Melbourne, Australia

It always blows my mind to think that generations before me worshiped the same God, by the same Spirit.  Generations have poured out their hearts in prayer in this land. Someone I've never met, 100's of years ago has stood on this soil and been touched by God, they've tasted the depths, and they've cried out for more.  Every generation, regardless of how dark their generation has been, has a people that cries out for revival.  In 1902, a hunger for God's presence swept this city, so much so that a group of Melbourne Christians went over to the US to beg RA Torrey to come and hold revival meetings here.  2,000 representatives from 214 different churches volunteered to help, and even more volunteers visited every Melbourne house twice to invite people along.  During the weekdays, 1000's of business-men flooded the Melbourne town hall for lunch time meetings:

Up to 15,000 people crowded the Exhibition Building at night to worship! Weekly attendance of the meetings was around 1/4 million (especially impressive when the entire Victorian population was only 1 million at that time!!!!)

Hunger for God sweeping a city! Amazing!!  And i bet their prayers and feelings weren't so very different from ours today...  "We long and groan to see the fullness of God" (check out Romans 8:22-23!).

Revelation 5 gives us a picture of how the prayers of the saints are stored up in a bowl. All those people crying out to God for revival - their prayers are in that bowl.  My Grandfather's prayers for revival for Melbourne and Australia are in that bowl.  So are my Mum's, and mine, and countless others I've never met!  Oh the collective weight of people who have cried out to God for this place. You can feel the air is heavy with the expectation of generations past and present....

                                    "... send your glory...."

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