Friday, 3 May 2013

A New Day

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Today is the day!

I love that every day is a new day!  I love that it's layed out so plainly in Psalms that we're meant to rejoice and revel in every day God gives us, like it's a fresh start!  To soak in the joy of each day.  To look for the blessings that God has set out in that day.  To actively set our hearts up at the beginning of each day so we're searching out all the good that God has planned for that day:

This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24)

In Hebrews, there's this fantastic verse talking about rest - and it uses a phrase that I love: "God set a certain day, calling it 'Today'"(Hebrews 4:7).  I love that God called the day to inherit that promise "today" - so it is always available!!  There's no "oh that promise expired because it was for yesterday, I'm too late", because even though it was valid yesterday, God called the day 'Today', so it's for today too!!  Genius!!

So ask the question. What's your 'today' got in store for you?  Here's one to get you started:

"Surely, Goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life (Psalm 23:6).  Sometimes I try to catch a glimpse of them following me... I think if i turn around fast enough, I'll see them there.  The two of them side by side, tailing me like my own personal security detail.  I can't out run them, I can't hide from them, I can't shake them.  They chase me down whether i like it or not...  my own personal stalkers!!!  

I challenge you to seek out and search out the good things God has for you in this new day, because I guarantee you, it'll be awesome...

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